Active listening

Use Active Listening to Boost Your Career

The art of effective listening is essential to clear communication, and clear communication is necessary for career success. Learn how to get better at it.

how to lose arguments

How to stop winning arguments

We tend to treat arguments as fights or zero-sum games which hinders their original purpose. We should stop.

the stories we tell ourselves

The stories we tell ourselves

We have a mechanism that can conceive unhappiness, difficulty changing habits, relationship problems, frustration, anger, and disappointment. We are usually not aware, but it’s happening continuously and in all of us. It’s us unconsciously telling stories to ourselves.

goal setting

The 101 of effective goal setting

Goal setting is one of the most important ways to foster growth, let’s look at some key concepts and frameworks.

thoughts on feedback

Thoughts on giving feedback

A good, blameless feedback culture is essential for working together efficiently as it forms healthy relationships, fuels personal and professional growth and aligns us with common norms. Feedback is one of the cornerstones of company culture.

learning at work is work

Learning at work is absolutely work

Everyone agrees that constant learning and having a growth mindset are fundamental to success in software engineering. Yet once you’re done with onboarding at your new job as a software engineer the rat race seems to begin, leaving no dedicated time for learning.

questions vs directions

Coaching Questions vs. Giving Directions

Asking coaching questions is a basic technique but doing it properly is a matter of practice, finding a good balance and avoiding some common pitfalls. As with most of the things in life.

one on ones

The basics of one on one sessions

Conducting good one on one sessions is one of the most frustrating skills new engineering leads need to learn.

this is how i am

Excuse no. 13 – This Is Who I Am

‘This is who I am’ – the limiting belief above all is that we think we cannot change. This is not true. Stop making excuses for yourself and grow.

The proverbial hero engineer

Kill your heroes

Having hero engineers in your team is often a red flag – read on to learn why.

comfort zone 2

Engineering Managers, Stop Coding!

New engineering managers need to get out of their comfort zone of being successful engineers and invest in their growth in management. Engineering managers coding is not the best path.

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